Cubicle Curtain Measuring Instructions

Published: Jan 18, 2011

Measuring Cubicle Curtains

Cubicle Curtains
Cubicle curtains are curtains used around beds, in front of doorways and in other areas where privacy is an issue. All health care facilities are required to provide a certain level of privacy for their patients/residents.

Materials used for curtains must be flame retardant (pass the NFPA 701 test) and 1/2" mesh must be used at top to allow sprinkler water to penetrate curtain if there is a fire. 20" of mesh is standard. The curtains hang from the carriers installed into cubicle track.

How to Measure

1. Calculate the Curtain Height

Measure the ceiling height in inches (Example: 9′ ceiling) 108"
Subtract 2" for the carriers - 2"
Subtract 12" to 14" from the floor - 12"
If mesh is needed, subtract 20" for the mesh - 20"
Fabric height = 74"

You could express this height as 74"H + 20" Mesh or 94"H, including 20" mesh.

2. Calculate the Curtain Width

Measure the length of the track in inches (Example: 15′ – this will be all the track sides added together). 180"
Add 10% to provide fullness to the curtain. + 18"
Minimum curtain width = 198"

Note: You must round up to the next width of fabric available for your curtain width to use standard item numbers. These standard widths are as follows: 68", 102", 136", 170", 204", 238", 272", or 306". Curtains wider than 306" are not recommended.

For our example, size calculated above would be 204"W x 94"H, including 20" mesh.

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