Types of Medical Gloves

Medical GlovesThanks to the advanced technology in today’s healthcare industry, choosing the right medical examination gloves can be a difficult task. Gloves are available in different material ranging from vinyl, latex and nitril. To make the selection process even more difficult, gloves are also categorized as sterile, non-sterile, powdered and non-powdered. Healthcare professionals ranging from nurses, caregivers, surgeons, dentists and lab technicians are required to wear either or according to their job description.

Selecting Exam Gloves that Fit Your Needs

Medical Exam GlovesOver the years, newer formulations and technology have allowed for the production of a nitrile glove that fits and feels more like latex (stretchier and with a better fit than previous nitrile exam gloves, which were much stiffer and thicker). For clinicians, this is a great latex-free option from a feel, fit and glove strength perspective. In addition to nitrile, many facilities throughout the United States are using vinyl exam gloves (made from PVC). While historically viewed as inadequate for use clinically, newer technologies in the past few years have also enabled the production of stronger and stretchier vinyl gloves.

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