Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home

Published: Jun 4, 2010

Take part in managing your own health

Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer because a person might have high blood pressure and not even know it. It is easier to get an idea of your BP range if you get regular check-ups but that can also change drastically. An accurate monitor to check high blood pressure at home is highly recommended because you never know what your blood pressure is at any given moment.

Blood pressure is determined in the circulatory center of the brain and adjusts to situations by receiving feedback from the nervous system. The strength and frequency of the heart and the width of blood vessels is altered so blood pressure can be adjusted.

High blood pressure is dangerous because it makes the heart work harder, plus it contributes to hardening of the arteries that may lead to heart failure. Several factors contribute to high blood pressure such as stress, obesity, smoking, alcohol, salt, lack of exercise or genetics. In 90-95 percent of the cases, the cause of high blood pressure is unknown.

Normal blood pressure range is less than 120/80. Even if your blood pressure is normal, regular self checks with accurate and well known monitors should be used on a regular basis.

There are different types of monitors to detect sudden changes in your blood pressure. Digital Blood Pressure Units and Combination Kits are the most common and easy to use.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

A Digital Unit is a compact and easy to use device that wraps around your wrist instead of the arm. Some people are not comfortable with an inflating cuff being placed around their arms, so this device is perfect for them. The one button operational device inflates and deflates automatically and is operated by a single AAA battery. One of the key features is the last BP readout with time and date. These digital units are also available with arm cuffs as an accessory.

Combination Kits

Combination kits are easy to use and very common, these are the manual inflation units we have been seeing in the doctor’s office all of our lives. They are the most durable blood pressure monitoring devices. Each kit comes with an aneroid sphygmomanometer and your choice of vibrant colors and matching nylon carrying case.

High blood pressure can turn into a life and death situation, regular self checks with your blood pressure monitor is recommended if you have normal blood pressure. Never use your self check results to alter a medicine prescribed by a physician if you are undergoing medical treatment to control your blood pressure.

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Maintain a record of your blood pressure by performing self checks several times a day and in tense situations. This way you can detect high blood pressure and alert your doctor at the earliest.

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